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qualifications & training

technical skills

work experience

work samples

referee checks

cognitive abilities

medical status

criminal history

personality profile

assessment centre


he’s qualified

he’s experienced

he’s a team player

he seems a good bloke

he’s safety trained

he looks the part

behavioural competence screening

behavioural competence

personal resilience

mental alertness

manages personal fatigue

defensive safety habits

aggression management

safety self-awareness

perceptual acuity

emotional intelligence

response accuracy & coordination

working memory

responsibility for safety

risk perspective


safety conscientiousness

(sample scales only)


He ticked all the right boxes at selection so why is he lying unconscious on the ground?


Poor situation awareness - he failed to identify and assess risk and take preventative action!

typical + behavioural competence assessment = whole person

If you don’t assess behavioural competence you are only doing a ‘part person’ assessment.

It’s the key reason why new employees, contractors and labour hire workers often fail to meet expectations!

What does a behavioural competence assessment tell us?

It tells us about the underlying characteristics of a person that directly impact how they function and perform.

They are the characteristics and tendencies that people typically don’t show at interview and which most candidate assessment methods don’t consider and can’t measure.

They are the key factors that determine how well a person can respond to the demands of the role and whether or not the candidate is more likely or not to:

How a behavioural competence assessment is different to what you are probably doing now!

What the typical assessment approach doesn’t tell us about is the

candidate’s behavioural competence to do the job.

Whether the candidate has the capability to assess a situation and

take the appropriate action for the circumstances at the moment of need and

how they are most likely to interact with others.

How much?

Behavioural competence tests

start at $49 (+GST)

for front line candidates

and $79 (+GST) for


Test completion

Tests are completed online and

completion can be supervised

or not based on

your own requirements.


Results are immediately available

by email or through the client portal

as soon as the candidate finishes

the test. A standard report is

included in the price and additional report types are available.

How long?

On average 15-35 mins

depending on

test version.


Client portal

You’re in the driver’s seat.

Schedule who to test and when.

It is quick and easy and

there are no expensive


or annual fees to pay.


Client data set

Clients can analyse

and compare results at an

individual, team, location

or organisation wide level.


Tests are customised to the

demands of individual job types.

It’s not a one size fits all solution.

If we don’t have it, it can be commissioned.


Job risk assessment

Find out quickly and cheaply

what the human factor risk areas

and behavioural competence needs

are for safety or performance

critical jobs in your workplace.

Starting at only $99 (+GST).

‘My performance and safety

on the job depends just as much on what other people do

as it does on what I do’

It will tell you things that candidates don’t normally share or get assessed for at interview!

we can provide tests for the following job types

Aged | Community | Disability |Health Care

nursing & aged care manager/supervisor

community nurse and home care

allied health professional

nurse (hospital)

personal care worker

disability support worker

child care worker

foster carer

volunteer (personal care)


air traffic controller

aviation cabin crew  

aviation cabin crew manager

aviation maintenance worker

aviation security officer

aviation security supervisor

professional pilot/instructor

trainee pilot

Construction | Industrial | Manufacturing  

Mining |Trades


building, civil construction & mining worker

crane operator

dump truck driver


equipment maintenance  

precision manufacturing



Diagnostic tests

resilience (coping & self-management)

patient neuro screen

return to work

Corporate | Professional

administration/corporate services

call centre operator

graduate (all disciplines)


project managers

Driver |Mobile Equipment Operator

long range road haulage

road transport




forklift operator

lift operator

back hoe

bob cat

Emergency Services

fire fighter

ambulance driver


emergency service professional

emergency service volunteer




security officer

security supervisor



‘it’s the way people are

most likely to work and

interact with others...

...everyday they turn

up for work!’

Job not listed? Call us. We probably will have it covered! If not, customised tests can be commissioned.

Call us now: 0421 614 959 …to find out more about how to better assess candidates

against the behavioural competence needs of your business…before they get in the front door!

Did you know

50% of job candidates

have above average

potential to break down in behaviour, performance or safety?