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Our approach:

Work with you to develop case specific improvement strategies.

Group based performance management training to develop a common approach and skills.

Continual reinforcement of  the manager’s accountability for the performance and behaviour of their team.

One on one experiential coaching with individual managers to develop their people management skills

and to deal with the performance or behavioural issue to finality.

Our objectives when we work with you:

Put in place a sustainable improvement plan for your current issue and

leave you or your managers with improved skills and confidence necessary to effectively deal with future people issues

without having to relying on us.

Identify gaps in employee performance or behaviour.

Determine the required industrial processes that need to be complied with.

Decide the management action to be taken.

Prepare for and conduct the meeting with the employee.

Review the performance meeting outcomes and the influencing factors.

Document action taken and the performance standards to be achieved.

Develop and implement the improvement plan.

Review employee progress.

Provide feedback.

Escalate or conclude the improvement program.

Performance Improvement

It’s sad to say, but we see this sort of thing wherever we go.

Managers that don’t and won’t manage the performance and behaviour of their people.

Managers that hide from or ignore the issue in the hope it all just miraculously goes away.

Managers that sit on the fence and don’t make the tough call because the business culture allows them to do nothing.

Managers that don’t yet understand:

their people don’t want them to be one of the ‘boys’ or ‘girls’.

their people want them to ‘step up’ and do their job and make the tough calls but to do it fairly and respectfully.

their own lack of action drives down the performance and engagement level of their people.

their own lack of action is destroying their personal and professional credibility.

their own lack of action is setting an accepted standard of mediocrity.

their people and the rest of the business are watching and remembering every move they should but don’t make!


But we have to ask if it’s really the manager’s fault?

More often than not we are thrown into people management roles because we have been great at the technical work.

It’s assumed that our technical capability equals people management capability. But it doesn’t.

The competencies are very different yet somehow we are expected to have learnt them on the job.

Often when we have had poor role models who also didn’t hold people accountable or who tried and did it badly.

It’s why Managers so often feel like they have been set up to fail…not to succeed!

We know its tough at the start…

But it becomes easy when you learn the right skills and approach.

 When you prepare in advance, clarify the facts and don’t try and make it up on the run.

When you can make it about the issue and not the personality.

When you have a conversation and not a conflict.

When you make it about improvement and not a retribution.

When you do it in a fair and informed way and follow the right process.

When you are prepared to listen to the other side.

When you treat people with respect…even when they have done the wrong thing!

When you give people the same consideration and understanding you would expect to receive…if the table was turned!

We can help you to:

For more information about our performance improvement support services please contact:

 “safepeople”  on 0421 614 959 or send an inquiry via ‘Contact us’


It’s surprising how many people still seem to think this is an effective or defensible people management strategy…