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Face to face training

Few organisations have workforces where everyone works the same hours or from the same location.

Because of this, we provide flexible online and face to face learning solutions to meet your particular needs.

Online training

Face to face training

  1. Bullying, discrimination and harassment prevention for workers

2.  Bullying, discrimination and harassment prevention for managers & supervisors

Worker module - 2 hours

Manager/Supervisor module - 3 hours

For more information about our training and other bullying, discrimination and harassment prevention services

contact “safepeople  on 0421 614 959 or send an inquiry via ‘contact us


Bullies - there is usually one in every crowd…


  1. Bullying prevention for workers
  2. Bullying prevention for Managers & Supervisors
  3. Harassment & discrimination prevention for workers
  4. Harassment & discrimination prevention for managers & supervisors


30- 40 minutes per module


Program Focus:

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Preventing bullying, harassment and discrimination

Face to face or online training

Face to face training

Mediation & Facilitation

Workplace HR Investigations



Climate surveys

prevention training



Policies & procedures

Have you properly protected your

People and your business?

If you don’t prevention train your workers

If you don’t have the right

policies and procedures in place

If you or your managers don’t act on complaints

You have no defence

Training your workers about their workplace rights and their obligation not to bully, harass or discriminate against co-workers

protects your people, it protects your business and it protects you.

But it’s not just a one-off thing.

Regular training is essential to the  overall success of your prevention strategy.

Refresher training is needed at a minimum of every two years.

New workers should be trained soon after starting and as part of their induction.

It’s about setting clear behavioural expectations and it requires continual reinforcement.

If you employ people and you haven’t had a complaint yet…consider yourself lucky.

But it really is only a matter of time before it happens…

So how ready are you?      Really?

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