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Workplace Investigations

I engaged Ian on behalf of a client with a multi-party bullying problem to conduct a complex workplace investigation into the various allegations. Ian delivered timely and appropriate results in an environment involving difficult personalities. His method as an investigator was quite proper and lawful. Ian's report was valuable and useful to the client and my advice. Moreover, he provided excellent value. His report enabled the client to adopt an appropriate and ultimately successful workplace strategy to manage the bullying problem. I would highly recommend Ian for a workplace investigation.”

J.Z. Melbourne Lawyer

“...Ian completed a very difficult and complex investigation that required a high level of IT knowledge and understanding. At the end of the process he presented the organisation with a well laid out, comprehensive and  simple to read report that greatly assisted our decision making process. No reservations about referring Ian to other organisations....“

A.C. Victorian Local Government  

“...Ian is an extremely professional, objective and thorough investigator. We had a particularly challenging investigation, and Ian’s ability to really understand the issues, and his excellent relationship building skills, enabled the delivery of a successful and  sustainable outcome for the organisation and the parties involved...”

K.H. Victorian State Government  

" ...Ian conducted an investigation for us on a highly emotive issue. Ian acted in a highly professional manner and provided an insightful easy-to-read report highlighting a keen perception to seek out the real root causes of the grievance..."

B.H. Corporate Sector

“...Our organisation engaged Ian to conduct an investigation into alleged bullying. The investigation was conducted thoroughly, we were informed of the progress throughout,and we were provided with a complete, sound and well thought through investigation report. In addition to this, Ian provided valuable recommendations about the organisation’s processes for future incidents. I would strongly recommend Ian’s work to others seeking workplace investigation services...”

I.C. Not For Profit Sector  

“...In my line of work I get to see a lot of investigation reports and this (yours) is as good as they get...”

Melbourne Lawyer

“...You have done some excellent work and uncovered some significant issues that we need to take action on...”

R.F. Victorian Local Government


Executive Coaching

“....Ian is a very experienced coach and I recommend him to others that may also wish to access his expertise.  His support and knowledge is impressive. Ian has left me with an action plan to further my managerial skills and open doors to my further career....”

A.Y. Victorian State Government

“...I was just so surprised to see visible change in her people leadership skills after only your first coaching session...”

CEO, Aged Care Sector  

Culture Audits

“…I can’t believe how much your audit revealed about what was going on in our management team that we knew nothing about…”

NFP Board Member

Bullying Prevention Training

This wasn’t just a tick and flick briefing session. It gave a very good overview of the problem and provided practical strategies on what to do if bullied...

The real life case studies were great and were a very valuable part of the program...

This program had the whole facility talking about unacceptable behaviour and building a better workplace culture...

This program should be compulsory for all staff and has the potential to change behaviour...

Ian has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and the fact that he is able to talk about the underlying circumstances and behaviour of real cases, and the impact of victim and management action and inaction, provides a great learning platform...

Very informative ....I wish I known all this 7 years ago...

I now understand it is actually OK for me to say “stop, I don’t like being treated this way”...

I was surprised by  how much impact our culture has on the way people treat each other...

I now understand that saying nothing actually condones the bad behaviour...

This program should be compulsory for all of our managers and supervisors ...

It was interesting to hear about how much managers and supervisors can be a part of the problem instead of part of the solution...

I really like the above and below the line behaviour model where staff get to define the expected and acceptable behaviours, and what is not acceptable...

This helped me to feel better about reporting bullying...

Even the bully in the training room seemed to sit up and take notice...


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