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Client report  

We provide a written factual report to our client that sets out our:

Fact sheet:

What is a Workplace Investigation?

Workplace HR Investigations

We provide a

bias free perspective

and make ‘balance of probability’ findings to enable you to make

fair, informed and

sustainable decisions

about people!

Common investigation types

Respondents we’ve investigated

Workplace Culture Audits

 a practical alternative to investigations


If you need to know what is really going on in your workplace but want to avoid the angst of an investigation, then a workforce culture audit can be the way to go.

It flushes out the opportunities for improvement without it being blame or discipline based.

It’s surprising what we can uncover that Management often knows nothing about and how much workers will share if you give them a safe space to have the conversation.

It’s a great way of getting the critical issues out on the table for an improvement conversation and it avoids the need for individuals to speak up in front of their peers - especially when they are fearful of being exposed to people that have the potential to become difficult or vindictive.

We collect the majority of information through confidential one on one interviews and not through online surveys. That enables us to explore the issues raised and identify the real causal factors. This data gathering process provides better quality information and makes it much more difficult for people to dispute what is really going on.

We provide a comprehensive written report with rectification recommendations and often give feedback briefings to staff and the leadership team at which time improvement strategies and actions can be developed.