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Preventing bullying, harassment and discrimination

It’s really simple,

bullying, discrimination and harassment are unlawful…

no ifs, buts

or maybes!

And just as simple:

Workplace laws require that employers protect their workers from being bullied, discriminated against or harassed.

Culprits can in some cases be held criminally liable if they bully, harass or discriminate against others.

Managers that don’t protect their workers can be prosecuted, fined and in some cases jailed!

When a complaint is made to a regulator, one of the first things that will be examined is

‘What have you done to prevent bullying, harassment and discrimination in your workplace?’

Things like:

Have you communicated the expected standards of behaviour for your workplace?

Have you informed staff that bullying, harassment and discrimination are unlawful?

Do you have a published prevention policy?

Do you have a complaints procedure?

Do you encourage reporting?

Do you investigate complaints?

Do you have support mechanisms in place for affected workers?

Have you trained your workers in their rights and responsibilities?

Do you monitor the workplace for unlawful behaviour?

The test you will face is:

 Can you prove you have taken all reasonable actions to protect your workers?

Prevention Training:

face to face and on-line

Mediation & Facilitation

Workplace HR Investigations

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Policies & procedures

Consider these cases if you don’t think the regulators are serious …

Mildura laundry owner fined $230K

Wendy Swan awarded almost $600K

Cafe Vamp staff and business fined $335K

David Jones reportedly settles for $850K

Oracle fined $18K

Ignoring what goes on in your workplace can potentially break your people and your business.

We can help you:

Do what’s needed to prove you took your prevention responsibilities seriously!

Decide the right action when people behave the wrong way!

Build a better workplace culture!

prevention training

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